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We will host your site and provide you with services that will allow you to expand your site and increase the quality and success of your web page.
$40.00 USD/month will get you with the following features:
  • 50 megs of web space
    (enough web space to hold thousands of web pages!)
  • Your own POP Email Account
  • Your own CGI-BIN (With A Guestbook, Shopping Cart, Bulletin board, and many other scripts already set up on your web space and waiting for visitors!)
  • FREE Unlimited Email Aliases ( - create as many email addresses as you want!)
  • FREE Email Forwarding - Up to 500 addresses! (automatically forward any of your addresses to another email account)
  • FREE Unlimited Auto-Responders (automatically sends a pre-written letter back when the requester emails an address you specify)
  • FREE Unlimited Subscribe-able Mailing Lists (start your own mailing list of clients, prospects, family, etc..)
  • FREE Submission for your Domain.
  • MUCH MUCH More!

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