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The Total Package

Mail Capture goes to your Email box

FREE Unlimited Mailing Lists - this feature allows you to create a mailing list with a simple text file of addresses.
  • You may have as many lists in your directory as you like; each is password protectable
  • Each list may have up to 1000 addresses
  • The file size of each letter may be up to 75k

FREE Unlimited Auto-Responders - The same feature most people charge $5.00/month each for!

  • It allows you to drop as many simple text files as you like in order to respond to specific incoming inquiries
  • Each file can be up to 100K!
  • The requestor's E-Mail address is automatically written to your mailing list. This invaluable tool can create a mailing list of prospects from people who have written you for particular information.

FREE Your Own CGI-Bin - with our pre-configured scripts installed.

  • Guest Book - pre-configured, ready to run.
  • WWW Bulletin Board - ready to run
  • Free-For-All links page - ready to run.
  • Full site counter - easily added to pages; uses SSI
  • Cgiemail - fully configurable forms send script. We provide sample order forms for all domains
  • Random text displayer - allows a rotation of simple phrases or quotes; uses SSI
  • Site Search - simple whole site search engine
  • Single page Shopping Cart
  • Graphical Page counter with stats
  • Web administered password protected Web pages
  • HTML Script
  • Click and Go for page redirection via query list

Install your own scripts, or someone else's, without having to get our approval on the script first! (most people charge $75.00 or more per hour to "check, and approve" a script)

FREE Weekly statistics of how many visitors came to your site categorized by page, hits and transfer amounts.

Majordomo List server available
(Only $10.00/month) A sophisticated tool that allows for advanced list management

FREE MSQL2 Support

FREE Unlimited Access to our SSL
(Secured Socket Layer) and certificate

(For Secured forms for credit card payments, etc.)

Customizable Error (file not found) page

SSI Supported (Server Side Includes)

We support Java, PERL, C++, TCL, and Python

Microsoft Front Page Support

Multiple T3 Connections for blazing speed!

Daily Tape Backups

On-site UPS and backup power supply

FREE Unlimited Technical Support 24/7 - By Email.

Commercial Sites Welcome

Great Referral Incentives

No minimum contracts

Powerful options and add-ons

Fast set up (usually within 10 hours)

Profitable reseller program

* $40.00 USD per month price does not include Internic registration fees. (Internic charges $70.00 US for the first two years, and $35.00 US per year thereafter, to secure the domain name of your choice)
  • Free Submission for you Domain in 250 Search Engines, Links and Directories.
  • For more information please contact us: